1. Adults, Adolescents:
I provide individual counseling and psychotherapy to either adults or adolescents seeking help with any of these issues: Anxiety, phobias, depression, loss & grief, family or conjugal difficulties, separation or divorce, burnout, interpersonal conflict, low self esteem and assertiveness. (See also Section 3)

2. Children, Parents:
I welcome children for problems such as anxiety, phobias, sleep difficulty, difficulties in social functioning (eg, angry behavior or opposition, mourning reaction to separation or divorce, difficulties of adaptation, etc.).  I also address any problems related to trauma, sexual, physical and psychological abuse, as well as difficulties or attachment disorder. (Post Adoption, Foster Children, IVAC, etc) 

My services include parent coaching.  I  consult  with the various professionals (team school, doctor, specialists) who provide services to your child in order to work in collaboration with them. Moreover, my approach is adapted to the age and personality of each child.
3. EMDR psychotherapy  aims at resolving problems such as: 

Simple or complex trauma, PTSD, past physical, psychological and / or sexual abuse, past negligence or unresolved experiences that cause blockages or difficulties in your present life. The following issues are also problems in EMDR: anxiety, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, simple or complex phobias. EMDR Therapy is for adults   as well as children.
4. International Adoption Evaluation:

I am an International Adoption Evaluator mandated by both the CISSS Montérégie-Est, as well as the CIUSSS-Estrie CHUS.